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We always welcome retailer interest in our products. Bottled Spring Water is a fast-growing sector of the drinks market, and with the recent emphasis being placed on healthy living by the media, it is set to grow further.

If you are a retailer or retailer representative looking for more information, please contact us.

Our Products

We currently produce a range of Still and Sparkling water products for resale.

- 500ml Sport Cap
- 500ml Standard Cap
- 1.5Ltr Standard Cap
- 750ml Glass Bottle
- 330ml Glass Bottle

Cheddar Natural Spring Water is qualified as a natural spring water under act 1540 of the 1999 regulations, meaning that it is bottled at a specified ground water source, protected from pollution and tested regularly by Environmental Health.

Mineral Water Facts

Mineral water is the fastest growing sector of the soft drinks market, with 8 million new bottled water drinkers since 2000, and a value of over £1 billion each year.

Over 25 million adults are now drinking bottled water - consuming some 2 billion litres each year. By 2010, consumption is expected to reach 3 billion litres each year.

Bottled water is particularly popular with younger men and women, and is now considered to be as essential as the mobile phone.

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