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Cheddar Water
The name Cheddar is derived from the Anglo-Saxon meaning, Brilliant Water.

Cheddar Water is the home of the highest and oldest recorded spring on the Mendips with records of its existence dating back over 2000 years.  The spring is situated adjacent to an ancient Saxon village, with archaeological finds dating back to Neolithic times.  There is also evidence of Roman-British huts situated on the Estate.

The source of Cheddar Natural Spring Water lies below our organically farmed 400 acre estate.  It is here deep within the intricate cave network of Cheddar Gorge that the Mendip hills provide us with an unlimited supply of natural spring water.

The full range of still and sparkling spring water is available to buy online via our bottled water delivery service. 

Cheddar Area

The Cheddar area has a unique and colourful history. Partly because of the abundant source of pure fresh water and protection from the elements, the Cheddar Caves were inhabited for 40,000 years. Famously, Britain's oldest known complete human skeleton was located in Gough's Cave - thought to be over 7100 years old.

Remains of many Roman-British huts can still be seen today within the surrounding area of the Estate . There have been many archeological finds from all ages of development throughout the area.

Of course, Cheddar is also famous for being the birthplace of the original Cheddar Cheese recipe!